Pampering the Kids

The word pampering- or give someone special treatment, making that person as comfortable as possible and giving them whatever they want: .
I purposefully wanted to touch upon the topic of pampering our children. Parent is born with the birth of the child. We all want to give best to our children so that he becomes a good human being. Sometimes the intentions are good but the outcome with our children is not positive. Pampering means to do all those things which a child is capable of doing by himself.

After a certain period of time it is the requirement of the child’s cognitive development where he wants to do everything By Me. Example of over pampering is when parents carry their child even though the child has mastered walking long ago. The parent extends the physical service beyond what the child physically requires. Excessive concerns of parents for their kids result into over protection.

Kids grow in age and understanding but parents consider them too young for any activity. Some parents find their kid too young to play with other kids while some try to restrict kids from climbing beds/chairs with the concern of falling. This overprotecting retards their overall development.

Reasons for over pampering:

With reduced family size and working parents, over pampering of kids is preferred to make up for the time lost away from home.

  • Due to high work pressures, parents with low tolerance wants to fulfill child’s desires as they do not want to be bothered by the kids.
  • Sometimes the parents think that they themselves did not have a privileged childhood so as a result they overindulge with the children.
  • Parents most of the time are unaware about the child’s needs and wants.
  • With increase in the income sometimes parents spend too much on what is not required . By doing this they think that it is a prestigious issue.
    A balanced behavior of parents can prevent over protection and over pampering. A few tips on this are:
    1. Spending quality time with children- parents, especially working mothers should spend quality time to make up for loss rather than fulfilling every desire.
    2. Drawing line between wants and needs.
    3. Teach them first deserve and then desire for anything.
  • 4. Parents should ensure some rules and boundaries and also that they are followed well for a healthy childhood.

5. Give some breathing space to the child so that he can start     taking    small independent decisions on his own.

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