About Us


Childhood means simplicity and it is a short season which needs to be celebrated each day and our pre school is based on this philosophy.

Children have one very special right and that is the ability to be able to develop , naturally and happily to their full potential. There is no more important period of life than early childhood. It is when we lay down the foundation of who we will become as adults and as such it shapes the nature of society.

Our educational philosophy is based on the following beliefs:

  • Children acquire knowledge about the physical and social world through playful interaction with objects and people.
  • Activity based curriculum can accommodate differences in development and learning styles.
  • Teachers are facilitators in the learning process.
  • Themes provide away for young children to integrate formal concepts.
  • Parent involvement is an important part of an educational partnership between child parent and school.

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When your child enrolls at Cherry Laurel Pre School your child will embark upon a learning adventure in a joyous way. We encourage you to visit our school. Making decisions regarding your child’s education can be challenging,and we are here to help.